Countdown Timers you can
actually see
from stage.

Do you find yourself squinting to read the timer shown by Planning Center LIVE? Squint no more with our simple extension to improve the features of Planning Center’s ‘Services LIVE.’

Everything you need for your service to finish on time.

Well everything you need assuming your platform team respects the timer!

10 foot display by default. This means your team on stage have a clear view of timings

Benefits for the whole team

This isn't just for those who like to keep to time.

One Click Startup

Quickstart any existing service directly from Planning Center

One click to start any existing plan directly from planning center via our handy browser extension.

Multiple Displays

Gone are the days of dragging windows around

Configure the screens the countdown display should be on and we will handle the rest

New tab, Next Service

Have the next service ready to go

Our browser extension sets up your new tab to be ready for the next service to go live for your chosen location

Get started today

It’s time to take control of the stage. Have clarity throughout your services with clear countdown timers that can be seen.

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

Lock in life access today before we launch and get access to all features as we release them

Free Extension

Get started with the basics for free

  • Single fixed Layout
  • Single Screen configuration
  • Available on Chrome based browsers
  • Limited Support
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Pro Plan - Early Access

Discounted annual access to our best plan.

  • Unlimited Installations
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Multi-screen configuration
  • Service logic configuration
  • Access to Priority Support
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